First 48h are free of charge

The Cross-docking service developped by Transgor Logistik is the easiest solution of transshipping goods at the Romanian – Moldavian border

Cross-docking services

We own the necessary equipment and logistics in order to transship goods rapidly and efficiently.


We offer high quality services of storage/handling/sorting/picking in our own warehouse that has been built according to the highest European standards, 1000 square meters are available.

Transport services

Transgor Logistik can provide professional transport services from / to Moldova, Romania or any EU country.

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Call now +4 0799 943 582 and you can get 48h free of charge warehousing.

Cross docking services

You can get the best services for the lowest prices

Cross-docking commodities

Cross docking services at the Romanian – Moldavian Republic border. Taking orders between 8-17h. First 48 h of storage are free of charge.

Sorting, repacking and labelling

During the transshipping would you like to divide the goods from a truck into several deliveries, to unpack a pallet into unitary deliveries ? No problem ! We can help you.

Storage of commodities

You don’t want to transship the whole truck ? you have 48 h free of charge in the warehouse. Your goods are stored at the highest standards.


Absolute control over your goods – all cross docking operations are video supervised ; the packaging details are photographed.

National distribution

Do you have clients in Romania ?  Ask for our offer for national distribution. De have daily deliveries through all the country.

International transport

We are present in most of the European countries with our own fleet of trucks or of our partners’. Your goods can reach destination at the lowest price and within the shortest transit time.

A few lines about us

Everybody can carry but we can carry out!

Who we are?

Having an experience of over 20 years in the transport field, domestic and international freight forwarding services, national distribution, storage, cross docking, handling and picking, air and sea transport, we are the ideal partner for small or big business because our team and services provided are easily adjustable.

Transgor Logistik services:

Transgor Logistik offers its clients safe logistics and international or domestic road transport solutions that are created for different types of goods, as LTL, FTL or exclusive.

The transport solutions that we offer are always focused on the client’s needs. These solutions have come to include not only planning and development of transports with our own or subcontracted trucks, but also hadling, storage and distribution of goods in transit, through our own warehouse in Tomesti, Iasi.

Transgor Logistik as member of Pallex Romania, provides a service of distribution of goods on pallets, with express delivery through all the country, at the highst level of quality and at affordable prices. Making daily distribution through all the country, Transgor Logistik / Pall-ex provides a wide range of services that can be adapted to your company’s needs.

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